Brushes, By Dean Hockman

Why Donate?

Nebraska Arts for Vets is a new, local nonprofit organization that seeks to provide veterans who have been diagnosed with Post and other combat-related issues a creative outlet in hopes of better managing their symptoms. Art therapy (also known as arts therapy) is a creative method of expression used as a therapeutic technique.  Studies have shown that art therapy aids veterans by:

  • Reducing anxiety and mood disorders common to military personnel with PTSD;

  • Reducing behaviors that interfere with emotional and cognitive functioning;

  • Externalizing, verbalizing, and resolving memories of traumatic events;

  • Reactivating positive emotions, self- worth, and self-esteem.

We have a dream this year to offer a variety of art classes in the hopes that each of our veterans will have the opportunity to explore a multitude of therapeutic mediums. Nebraska Arts for Vets needs enough supplies and volunteers to initiate classes. These supplies should be in good shape and functional.

Items Needed

We are asking you to please look around your house and donate any art supplies that you may no longer need. If you would still like to give, but do not have gently used supplies, consider purchasing supplies from the enclosed list.

  • Adult Coloring Books and Colored Pencils

  • Table Top Easels (20-30)

  • Paint brushes (acrylic, water color)

  • Acrylic paints (large bottles with pumps, these will last longer)

  • Water color paints

  • Drawing Pencils

  • Canvases (all sizes)

  • Sketch books

  • Paper for drawing

  • Paper for water colors

  • Paper for printing and flyers

  • Wood to make frames

  • Glass for frames

  • Gift Cards for water, snacks and office supplies

  • Volunteers

How to Donate

Donations can be dropped off at our address or simply call us and we will be happy to drop by and pick up the supplies.

Contact address and phone for making donations:

Cara Loken (Founder and Director)

55 Vince Drive

Bennet, NE 68317

(402) 613-2817

It is through generous donations like yours that Nebraska Arts for Vets will be able to provide life changing classes and experience to our veterans. We could not do it without you.