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John Garza

I grew up in David City Nebraska. After graduating in 2001 from Rising City Nebraska, I joined the Nebraska Air National Guard. In the Air Guard I enlisted as a KC-135 aircraft mechanic. An old adage among aircraft mechanics is “a jack of all trades, and a master of none.” I really like to take this saying to heart. I rarely sit still and I’m always on the run learning as many different skills as I can.

John Leaving Rising City Nebraska to Boot Camp at Lackland AFB 2001
Being Silly at Al-Udeid AFB 2009

From aircraft mechanic to computer specialist? Sure why not. I started learning about computers and how they work. Event though it is different from an aircraft or an automobile, once you have the basics down, it really isn’t that difficult to build a machine. I started taking computer science classes in 2012 at the University of Nebraska Omaha. In 2014, I built my first running web server, and started the Garza Family Network LLC. Everyone asks why try to build your own web hosting company? Do you really think you are going to compete with Amazon and Google? The answer is easy. No. The idea behind the Garza Family Network is to provide real solutions for the little guys. Sometimes you just need a real person to help you out. I graduated from UNO in 2017 with a BGS in Information Technology, and Military studies. In 2018 I was hired as a computer specialist in the Nebraska Air National Guard Wing Cyber Security Office. Like I said I don’t sit well and I love learning. I am currently attending UNO again for a graduates degree in Management of Information Systems.

The job of a KC-135 aircraft crew chief is to get the aircraft off the ground to refuel the fighters, that cover the guys on the ground. I have always liked the behind the scenes role. So when Mrs. Loken asked me to help get her website off the ground to help the guys that were on the ground, to me it is just another mission. NKAWTG.

Why art? When I was growing up a person who was very much an important part of my child hood was constantly chasing his dream of being a rock star. I spent a lot of weekend nights as the honorary roady for his band. Can you believe it? The way the world works today if a 10 year old was up at midnight in a rowdy bar, man, no way. I enjoyed every minute of it. I have been around art my whole life. Music, drawing, painting, even building things is art. I’m terrible at pretty art. I’m a technical person. To me a brand new machine with proper cable management is a work of art. In high school I worked for a Mason. In my eyes some of the walls we built were works of art, every block, every brick, every mortar line, perfectly laid out. Have you ever studies the contour lines of a military aircraft? Work of art! The beauty of art is that is subjective. Art can make you happy, art can also make you sad, art can give you motivation, art is what separates us from the animals, art is what makes us humans.

Every Christmas John and his family go to Yesterday and Today a Beatles Tribute band.
Helping Hands
If you have a passion for art and would like to volunteer for Midwest Arts for Veterans and caregivers visit the Director’s Corner for more information.
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