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Liz Boutin – Artist

Elizabeth Boutin was born in February of 1968 and is originally from Idaho. Her journey as a military spouse has taken her to several places across the globe from 1996 until 2014. During that year her husband retired from the Air Force and the family has since settled in Bellevue, Nebraska. She graduated from the University of Nebraska in Omaha with a Bachelor of Art in Art History, and a Bachelor of Fine Art in oil painting. Elizabeth loves the outdoors and goes camping often. Her three kids entertain her with fulfilling their goals in their own lives. Elizabeth lives in Bellevue, Nebraska and currently works in Omaha, Nebraska.

Elizabeth decided to be serious about becoming an artist during her journeys as a military spouse. She became inspired by her travels across the globe and the life experiences she endured during those times. Working predominantly in painting, she uses oil paint on canvas because of its luminous qualities and depth of color. Elizabeth’s experiences in the military and passion for the outdoors have helped influence her work. Using recognizable imagery in her work, she strives to show a deeper meaning behind both her subjects and issues passionate to her (such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). When Elizabeth is creating her art, she focuses on bringing out her voice, emotions, and responses to the realm around her.

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