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John Garza – Contributor

I am currently an IT Specialist with the 155th Air National Guard.  Prior to assuming this position in 2018.  I was an aircraft mechanic.  I grew up in small town Nebraska just an hour northeast of Lincoln. This small town up brining combined with good ole Midwest work ethic has led me to become a jack of all trades.  I started turning wrenches and tearing things apart to see how they worked at an early age.  I had a knowledge of tools and their uses and was already working as a gopher boy for a construction company by the time I was 13.  “Hey boy go get me this, go get me that” Get it a gopher boy.

I Enlisted in the Nebraska Air National guard in 2001 eight days after I turned 18. I wanted to join earlier but mom would not sign the paperwork.  I was sent to basic training just two weeks after September 11, 2001.  They never really told me if it was a coincidence or if I was fast tracked because of the events of that day.  When I was at basic training, they had us on lock down for a couple days.  We could hear loud rumblings all night. Finally, one of the airmen got the courage to ask our Training Instructor, TI’s as we called them, what was going on?  He smiled and said those are C-5 Galaxies taking off one after the other we are going to war!

The years following, I mostly trained on aircraft mechanics and served at home station in Lincoln until I became a fully qualified crew chief. I went on my first deployment in 2005 in support of the Pacific Taker Task Force in the Pacific.  After that I was rarely home. When I first met the future Mrs. Garza, we would count the days I was home instead of the days I was gone.  By the time I changed my career to the IT AFSC in 2018 I had 5 deployments, and over 30 TDY’s under my belt.

IT is different than aircraft maintenance at first glance, but not really. You still must be technically minded and know how all the parts and pieces connect to together to make the machines work. I Started my own LLC called Garza Family Network in 2014.  Garza Family Network is a website hosting company.  This website is hosted on my web server.

While I am far from artistic, I love art!  I still admire everyone’s work, and secretly wish I could draw or paint or photograph as well as others. I dabble in the creative arts from time to time.  What I really enjoy is music. Music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember.  Mrs. Garza and I like to go the Omaha Community Playhouse every year. Our favorite act we go to is called Yesterday and Today.  They are a Beatles Tribute act.  The members of the band got their love for music from their father who was also a veteran stationed at Offutt.  They really rock the house every year. Maybe when I finally get settled down, I will take some guitar lessons.