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Danielle Sullivan – Artist

Danielle Sullivan grew up in South Dakota on her family farm where she learned that she loved working with her hands.  On the farm, she loved learning from and helping her father grow crops, raise cattle, and build all types of different farm projects. Her father was instrumental in sparking a creative and innovative thinking in Danielle from a very young age. When she and her family moved to Nebraska, she continued to pursue her love of creating through school art classes and teaching herself the art of photography.

At the young age of 17, Danielle took a brief hiatus from creating art to enlisted in the Air National Guard in Missouri. She has held various different careers within the Air National Guard which have taken her around the world on 3 different deployments and dozens of temporary duty assignments. Throughout her career she’s continued to dabble in photography, learn crochet, and other creative arts until 2016 when her father was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma. During her father’s yearlong battle with cancer, Danielle helped care for him through his passing away. Through this incredibly hard phase of her life, she realized how important and therapeutic creative arts are. Crochet was the art for Danielle that helped her specifically through her transition to living life without her father.

In January of 2020, Danielle attended another training course for her new career with the Nebraska Air National Guard in Biloxi, Mississippi. During her long 18+ hour drive, she really thought through how she wanted to intentionally spend the next 2 months of her time, in her off hours, to focus on trying things she’d always wanted to do but put off because of her military career or education. The item at the top of the list was trying a wheel thrown pottery! She was so thrilled to find the Oh-O’Keefe Museum of Art just down the road from her training course. She excitedly signed up to take weekly classes learning from fellow artists at the museum. Danielle immediately fell in love with pottery and the art from the first class she took. Almost every night that the studio had open studio hours, she spent as much time as she could working on her technique and learning from the fellow artists!

Her husband, Shaun, was extremely supportive of Danielle’s new found passion of pottery and helped her get her own wheel and kiln to set up a home studio! They have since established North Oak Creek Studio LLC combining Danielle’s love for pottery with her husband’s love for woodworking! Their small business is founded on creativity and giving back to their community! Portions of each sale goes to different local community charities each month! Additionally, Danielle has recently partnered with Hearts for Healing to give back to fellow veterans, military members, and their families through teaching and sharing her love for pottery. She will be sharing a variety of different classes with Hearts for Healing very soon!